It all started as a way to raise funds for the local Montreal CCLGBTQ+.
While organizing a tennis themed fundraiser,
T-shirts were made with a print of tennis players laughing & drinking.
This then led to the creation of a print of
Suzanne Lenglen holding a champagne glass.
Then one thing led to another….



To wear AT is to be recognized as something bigger than just yourself,
empowered by the strength of belonging.

Having been conceived from a fundraising initiative,
it is important for Après-Tennis be involved and support initiatives
that unite, elevate individuals by fighting isolation and exclusion.

This was the inspiration for the name of the fundraiser, PLU Tennis Fundraiser.
(PLU People Like Us.)
Us as in the way it relates to each individual finding commonality, understanding and support in another person. Us regroups everyone who bonds beyond the court, thanks to the game of tennis.

 The dress code of
those who Après-Tennis

A very deliberate curation of ensembles that are meant to
elevate the moments beyond the tennis court.
ENSEMBLES Après-Tennis
ENSEMBLE delicately relates fashion, belonging, and alludes to the influence of Parisian understated chic vibes, making it the perfect term to describe the Après-Tennis collection. Derived from the French language, this word embodies togetherness, playfully nodding to our brand's French influences and its inherent charm and sophistication. It also evokes images of groups coming together, aligning with our value in the power of community and belonging. Lastly, in the realm of fashion, the word ENSEMBLE is the art of meticulously assembling garments and accessories, a fitting tribute to the utmost consideration given to details that underpins our creations.

Building Friendships through Tennis Ensembles

Tennis brings together players from all walks of life, and gifts us lifelong friendships. For this reason, Après-Tennis is committed to design a collection that allows you to assemble a uniform with your doubles partner, hitting friends, or league teammates. Thus, allowing you to experience the strength that comes from team camaraderie both on and off the court.